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Updated: Feb 26, 2018

A One Woman Show in Los Angeles by Katt Balsan directed by Gary Austin, Founder and Original Director of The Groundlings.

Follow Fate and Destiny as they are working on their "Earth Being" of the day; Katt Balsan pronounced "Balls' ON".

This One Woman Show will take you on a journey from France to America with 25 different characters brought to life through Katt's adventures!

Beware of cultural shock, explicit language and breaking stereotypes.

"Hysterical and Provocative"

"I laughed, I felt anger and cried of all combined emotions"

"A magnificent ride"

Duration - 60 minutes

Meet Destiny! She's got your back.

Is Little Katt's fate to become a Ballet Dancer?

I can hear you up there!

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Starting with the first jester, words, I knew I was in for something special. I had no idea I would be taken on a journey filled with laughter, anger, tears of joy and happiness as well as outrage. It


Stacey Sausa
Mar 03, 2018

Fantastic show!!!! Katt captivated me from beginning to end, and her show will make you laugh, cry, dance - ALL the feels! I love how real and raw she is with her material and how incredibly dynamic she is with all of the different characters she plays. A true and rare talent who always delivers a stellar and unforgettable performance!! BRAVO Katt!


Aaron J. Lucas
Aaron J. Lucas
Mar 01, 2018

I was a little nervous to see a one woman show. I was afraid it might be boring and the characters might be off. I had no idea what to expect but I took a chance. I’m happy that I did. This one woman kept you engaged she was comedic and even tackled serious topics. It was a great show that changed my mind about a one person show. I thank Katt for that.


Feb 09, 2018

Unbelievably entertaining. Katt brings so many elements to the stage that you'd think it was more than one woman.


Cory Lynn Xenos
Cory Lynn Xenos
Feb 05, 2018

This show is a must see! It’s hilarious and yet very touching. Katt is phenomenal. She takes the audience on quite the journey.


Feb 05, 2018

“BALLS ON” is an honest look into the rich inner life of a true artist. The performance Katt’s gifts her audience with is liken to watching a great painter create a rainbow using broad, bold, colorful strokes. You will not soon forget the delightful energy this woman shares in her one woman show.

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